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X Li is a Chinese Canadian artist based In Toronto, Canada that focuses on creating and merging different genres of music like Rock, Hip Hop, Punk to bring the Asian music culture to North America.

He draws inspiration for his artistic visions from his personal life experiences. Prior to pursuing a music career, X Li was a successful entrepreneur within the e-commerce fashion community. He poured all his savings into the passion of composing and becoming a successful artist. After reflecting on his lifestyle and relationships, he decided to pursue the career of a recording artist full time. His ability to resonate with different demographics of audiences has led him to become a sensation among the community of music recording and music cinematography with over 1 million streams to his first single release.    


The poignant ups and downs of X Li’s personal life was the foundation of the song Luxury Pain. While he is preparing a world class production project, Wangleta was released as the first teaser. The song achieved enormous success by topping the Canadian radio chart. In the Night was released as the second teaser and it has been applauded by music professionals in different genres, including rap, R&B and rock. The song has been featured in numerous major playlists on Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud. X Li is set to break barriers in the music industry by topping charts in different genres and working with different producers specializing in cross genre production in future projects. With his diverse background and the perfection of his expertise and crafts, X Li is on track to reach the pinnacle of the recording industry.

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